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We all rely on clean water for drinking, swimming, and fishing. But the way farmers grow our food has a big impact on our rivers and streams. When farmers use organic practices, our water stays cleaner and safer.

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Whoa, H2O!

The Delaware River Watershed provides drinking water to approximately 13 million people, including 1.5 million people in Philadelphia. It’s home to a huge network of waterways that includes:

  • 200 different types of fish!

  • 25,000 miles of freshwater rivers and streams

    That’s greater than the distance around the earth!

  • 1 million acres of wetlands


    Or almost 19,000 football fields!


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The Facts On Farming

We also have lots of farms! Did you know that farming uses a LOT of land in the Delaware River basin? There are more than 15,000 farms in our area that produce your favorite foods—grains, veggies, fruit, milk, and eggs.

We need farmers for food and so much more! Farmers also have an important role in protecting our environment. Runoff leaving farm fields (from chemicals, soil, or fertilizer) can hurt the health of our watershed.

What Can We Do? Support Healthy Farms!

Look for farms that are organic and use good farming practices like crop rotation, cover cropping and compost, instead of harmful chemicals.

What's the Word?

  • Runoff

    Water that leaves a farm because of rain, melted snow, or from watering plants

  • Organic

    A type of farming that does not use synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or genetically modified (GMO) seeds, but instead relies on natural methods and healthy soil

  • Cover Crops

    Plants that are used to slow erosion, improve soil health, and control pests by covering the field during the off-season

  • Composting

    A process where organic materials (like food scraps!) are broken down to create a nutrient-dense material that helps to restore soil health and increase water retention

Know Your Labels

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Have you seen this symbol? Whenever you see the USDA certified organic seal, you know that food or product is organic and is helping to protect clean water.

When you see this label, you’ll know you are supporting foods that are good for your family and your rivers and streams.

Certified Organic Products:

Do Your Part to Support Healthy Farms

Learn more about what you can do to Grow Clean Water! You’ll get a free family-friendly pledge kit in the mail!

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