Grow Clean Water Through Food Justice

Group of 10 young kids and 2 chaperones cheering at the Philly Urban garden

Grow Clean Water is dedicated to cultivating a healthy, just future for ecosystems & communities systemically disadvantaged by our current food system.

Through conversations with community leaders & members, we have witnessed how food apartheid leads to barriers to accessibility & affordability organic produce, especially for communities of color who also bear the heaviest burden of environmental health inequities.

Christa Barfield from FarmerJawn Philly with a Grow Clean Water participant holding a new tomato plant.

Food sovereignty means that the community owns the means of its food production.

For BIPOC communities, this is essential to undoing legacies of racialized systemic inequities in access to fresh, healthy food caused by practices such as red lining.

That’s why leaders such as Christa Barfield, Founder & CEO of FarmerJawn Philly & Rodale Institute Ambassador, are so important. As a young Black woman & urban farmer, she is creating food access while inspiring the Philadelphia community to reconnect with agriculture.

Everyone deserves access to clean water & locally sourced, organically grown food.

Farm workers deserve fair treatment & a workplace that is free of harmful chemical exposures.

That’s why Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) has added another layer that goes beyond the USDA Organic Certification: Farm Worker Fairness.

Everything is connected: including the health of our soil, watersheds, food systems, farm workers & communities.

Together, we can Grow Clean Water for both people & planet.

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