Take ActionEat, Learn, Grow!

Now that you’ve learned more about the connection between healthy organic farms and clean water, you’re ready to take action! Here are some resources to help you make a difference by enjoying and sharing organic food, growing your own organic food, and even cooking some great recipes!

Eat more organic foods including fruits & vegetables

Support a local organic farmer by visiting a farmer’s market or joining a CSA. Use this tool to find one near you!

And, look for the USDA Organic label when you go to the grocery store.

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Learn By Planting Something!

Start an organic garden, or grow something in a windowsill. Use this tool to see if your neighborhood has a community garden.

Learn about composting to make your garden thrive!

Find recipes and cook healthy organic meals together as a family.

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Grow Clean Water By Inspiring Others

Share your story through writing, video, social media or art. Use #GrowCleanWater.

Teach your family and friends – or even your share resources with your teachers.

Create community to support your journey. Start a book club, start a blog, or write a post for this website! (Send it to us here!)

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Get Hands On! Projects & Lessons

Getting Started My First Garden

Gardens are an excellent way to learn about where your food comes from and to create healthy eating habits! Get started with Rodale Institute’s My First Garden Curriculum, created for school-aged children to have fun learning about growing.

Start Exploring!
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Project Backyard Composting Basics

Did you know that 20% of what ends up in landfills is food waste? Turn your kitchen scraps into compost that can be used to build healthy soil in your garden!

Get the Guide
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Project Vertical Gardening

Creating growing towers are perfect if you are interested in gardening in an urban area—like on a parking lot or rooftop! They can also be in inexpensive way to start gardening in your backyard or with limited space.

Learn More
Lettuce growing on a home made vertical garden

Enjoy these Seasonal Organic Recipes!

Share Your Story with us!

We would love to be inspired by you. Tell us your stories, share your art, show us how your garden is growing, send your favorite organic recipes and teach us how you help to Grow Clean Water.

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