Mural Artists Tell Regenerative Organic Story

Philadelphia, the mural capital of the world, is known for its more than 4,000 colorful murals telling stories of history and honoring champions of social issues.

Artists collaborate on these larger-than-life creations dedicated to transformative change within individuals, communities and the world. Today, you can find the same powerful message about the regenerative organic movement in Kutztown, PA, where nonprofit Rodale Institute has partnered with Philadelphia-based Amber Art & Design to create “Farming in Harmony:” a Grow Clean Water mural that celebrates the farmers who use organic and regenerative practices to protect the Delaware River Watershed.

Creative Vision

Linda Fernandez and Keir Johnston of Amber Art and Design have collaborated with communities worldwide to gather inspiration for the art they create. In the process of creating “Farming in Harmony,” they researched the history of the organic movement and noticed parallels between farming and art. According to Keir, “Even though the vision is towards the present and the future, we did want to acknowledge the past.”  This process led them to a deeper understanding of regenerative agricultural practices and inspired the design’s foundation, a watercolor by Rodale Institute’s founder J.I. Rodale’s wife Anna Rodale.

Art is a really powerful way to tell a story… Everyone learns in different ways. Some people learn from reading, some people might learn from hearing and some people learn from seeing. When people see this mural, there is a lot of information here. This is not just telling the story of the history but also of the future, the story of regenerative organic farming.

Linda Fernandez, Amber Art and Design

The Layers Unfold

Much like a book unfolding chapter by chapter, Linda and Keir’s research began to create layers of the mural. “I hope people see many things,” said Linda, “noticing all the details and piecing together the story of regenerative organic farming. It’s like a giant puzzle.”

Each layer provides meaning. For example, the hand with soil references a publication titled “Make Compost in 14 Days.”

The mural includes original artwork of flowers, pollinators and music notes; farmers who dedicate their lives to caring for the land (including organic farmer Jennifer Taylor, of Lola’s Organic Farm); references to the crucial role of science and research to the organic movement; and water connecting us all from rural to urban settings. Within the colors that tie the mural to farm’s landscape, you will find plants, animals, words, publication titles, historic graphic designs and even a roller crimper.

Once the design layers were complete in Photoshop, the team painted the mural on parachute cloth, a non-woven fabric, in their studio in Philadelphia before installing it at the Rodale Institute campus.

Artists Keir Johnston and Nila Devaney work on the mural in their Philadelphia studio.

The Clean Water Connection

This mural aims to educate families about the connection between healthy farming practices and healthy rivers and streams—particularly in the Delaware River Watershed. With 4 states, 13 million people, and nearly 15,000 farms in this water system, agriculture comprises a large portion of the Delaware River Watershed’s land use. Erosion, pesticides, and fertilizers from farm fields are among its largest pollutants, threatening both wildlife and human health. By supporting healthy farms, such as organic farms using practices like reduced tillage, crop rotation, and composting, we positively impact both healthy soil and clean water.

By supporting organic farms that practice reduced tillage, crop rotation, and composting, we positively impact both healthy soil and clean water.

The Part We Play

“Farming in Harmony” reminds us that we are all connected: a message we desperately need to hear today. By championing health, stewarding the soil and the land, honoring our farmers by investing in their work, and ensuring safe water for generations to come, we play our part in supporting one another.

You can view the mural at the Rodale Institute Garden Store and Visitor Center.

We invite you to enjoy the mural, “Farming in Harmony” at Rodale Institute’s Visitor Center in Kutztown, PA, and let the creative influence inspire you.

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